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Camilo The Magician entertainment produces different types of shows. Every show is unique and each performance is suited for the desired event. Shows can be as intimate as bringing his close-up magic to your own living room, or as large as assembling large scale shows intended for corporate events, theatre productions or TV shows.


Corporate shows are tailor made to showcase your company’s message. A Magic routine can be displayed in a mingling setting, ideal for cocktail parties, or in a stage magic setting, ideal for large gatherings. Combining Camilo’s best magic illusions and his unique sense of humour, his routines will ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. Corporate magic shows are great entertainment for product launches, Christmas parties, publicity events and any kind of live events. 



Walk around magic is one of Camilo's favourite type of magic. It allows him to entertain and engange your guests in a close-up setting and perform his magic right in front their eyes, while still allowing a socializing ambiance. Camilo will get your guests attention in seconds. Walk around magic is perfect for cocktails, dinners, galas, weddings, small gatherings, birthdays, concerts or even large corporate events.



Camilo believes that close-up magic is the most complicated and, consequently, most impressive type of magic. This kind of magic is ideal for small groups of people, as the magic happens in an intimate setting. Great for small events, house gatherings, dinners, birthdays etc. 


For the past 11 years, Camilo has designed and assembled large-scale magic shows, performing at different venues around Canada and Colombia. These shows are ideal for big venues and large crowds. They comprise all the elements of magic together, from sleigh of hand and close up magic, to mentalist and stage illusions. 

"We were thrilled to present the amazing Camilo the Magician. The show was wildly entertaining and filled with both spectacular feats of magic and Camilo’s wonderfully quirky and engaging personality.  Our audience loved the show!  I cannot recommed this terrific young magician enough!"

Michael Cade

Artistic and Managing Director – Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society

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