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Prepare yourself for a magical night full of wonder and sleek sleight of hand, up close and personal with Camilo the Magician. 


After a sold out season in 2016 that saw Camilo's Magic hit stages across Canada, he is thrilled to be bringing in 2017 his magic to The York Theatre with his latest show: ABRACADABRA.


In this magical family show, Camilo takes on, for the first time ever, the roll of a classic magician. Known for his original and custom made illusions, in ABRACADABRA Camilo brings to life the traditional and familiar illusions we all grew up accustomed to.  


Parts of the proceeds from this show will be donated to Camilo's dearest, the Morquio B Foundation. 

Morquio B:


Join Camilo for a night that will make you wonder about the possibility of the impossible. 




Camilo the Magician

T: 604.603.7285
Facebook: camilothemagician

Twitter: @camilotmagicain

Instagram: camilothemagician

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