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Camilo Dominguez, also known as Camilo The Magician, was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. At age 15, he moved to Victoria, Canada, to pursue his education and subsequently explore and pursue acting and performing opportunities. 


as a young magician, Camilo was mentored by many individuals that he appreciates and admires. Camilo learned his first magic lesson under the direction of Consuelo Lorgia at age four. After, Camilo was mentored by Gustavo “Mago Gus” Rodriguez and later on Camilo attended the School of Magic Arts in Bogota, where renowned magician Richard Sarmiento mentored him.


after a couple years in Victoria, Camilo moved to Vancouver and completed the Production Program at Langara’s Studio 58, in 2012. He also attended classes at the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts in New York city in 2011 and completed the Theatre History Exchange Program in London in 2011.  


Camilo can say with a great amount of thrill and excitement that he has produced a number of sold-out shows including: Unshuffled 2009, Fifty-Two 2010, Continuum-Vancouver 2011, Continuum Victoria 2011, A Night to Inspire 2011, Snooker 2012, Enigma-Vancouver 2013, Enigma-Victoria 2013, Somnium 2014 and Misterio 2015. His latest offering in 2016, Supernatural, will showcase Camilo’s unique creative style, combining close-up and a great deal of stage magic.  


Camilo is extremly proud of his shows and looks forward to the many more to come. He doesn’t really know why he started doing magic at four, but he definitely believes that he has a unique style and is determined to “make you believe the impossible”. 


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