Riddles and Puzzles are some of Camilo's favourite hobbies and paying tribute to them, Camilo created: ENIGMA. From beginning to end, Camilo constantly presents the audience with different enigmas. At the beginning everything looks like lose puzzle pieces, but in the end, the show connects all riddles together and the central enigma gets solved by the audience. The magic performed in this show involves full audience participation. The crowd sets the course of the show, they decide the beginning, the middle and the ending of the show.


Somnium is the Latin word for dream. Somnium brings together magic illusions which Camilo has been working on since 2010. This show contains close-up magic effects projected on big screens, allowing the entire audience to witness the intimacy of every illusion. It also contains extreme and dangerous magic illusions that brings audiences to the edge of their seats!


Created in 2011, Continuum combines time and magic together. Camilo constantly put his magic skills to the test, while trying to perform magic routines within specific periods of time set by audience members. Continuum uses different elements of magic to make you question the power of time. 

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